The Patch-It Series

The Patch-It Series utilizes the concepts of Aromatherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine into easy-to-use foot patches, to aid sleep, detoxification & circulation. Every Patch-It has been formulated with a blend of 100% natural ingredients, including Mandarin wood vinegar as the principal ingredient, to simulate the actions of reflexology.

Clinically Proven

The Patch-It series was tested in Britain with a group of people suffering from poor sleep quality. In that test, users applied the patches over the course of one month and the results indicated the potential to increase the number of hours rest as well as reduce the number of times the user woke during the night.

Nutriworks’ clinical trial entitled “Is Patch-It® better than placebo in alleviating swelling and ache in the lower legs and feet? A randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind, crossover, sequential trial.” is being published in Dove Press, Open Access Journal on Clinical Trials.

Available In

  • 20 pieces box set

Detox Patch-It

Detox Patch-It supports your body’s own natural capability for removal of toxins through normal channels such as sweat and urine. If these impurities are not effectively removed from the body, they may contribute to the development of aches, pains, fatigue, bloating, headaches, cellulite, digestive issues, skin rashes and a weakened immune system. Over time, toxins in our bodies can lead to chronic conditions and disease.

Circulation Patch-It

In addition to the key ingredients of the Patch-It Series, Circulation Patch-It contains Menthol, which is well known to be beneficial to healthy circulation and supports the action of the key ingredients.

Healthy circulation is the basis for maintaining health and benefits include supporting recovery from injuries, faster recovery times after heavy bouts of exercise or as part of a health maintenance program for those who may be bedridden or wheelchair bound.

Sleep Patch-It

Sleep Patch-It is specially formulated with a calming blend of organic essential oils designed to relax and revitalize. These oils are combined with natural ingredients and the actions of reflexology in the form of easy-to-apply foot patches.

Dermatologist tested – for a soothing, relaxing, restful sleep, thanks to the actions of the key ingredients and a unique calming blend of certified organic essential oils like Lavender, Sage, Basil, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, and Bitter Orange Oil.

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